The Only Professional Framework For On-chain Market Making

End-to-end liquidity framework for market making on-chain and connecting to all DeFi use cases.

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End-to-end Liquidity Framework
Built on top of Kyber’s Fed Price Reserve (FPR) system, KyberPRO is the most powerful on-chain liquidity framework for advanced developers and professional market makers to efficiently market make on the blockchain.

On-chain Market Making

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Fed Price Reserve (FPR) System


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Comprehensive Developer Tools


Technical and Operational Support


Access to the Largest Network of DeFi Applications

Capture On-chain Market Making Opportunities
Market makers that provide liquidity through KyberPRO immediately gain access to an extensive DeFi network - over 100 DApps on Ethereum. Use KyberPRO to leverage all the advantages of blockchain technology for market making and allow your liquidity to be easily utilised by the most popular DApps.
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Provide liquidity to DApps

DApps can only use on-chain liquidity to perform innovative DeFi functions, including flash loans, on-chain liquidation, and portfolio rebalancing.

Enjoy higher profit margins

Profit margins for makers are much higher on-chain compared to off-chain, especially with the rising popularity of DeFi tokens and DApps that require on-chain liquidity.

Professional Market Making on Kyber

Professional Market Makers (PMM) provide most of the liquidity on Kyber, and enjoy spreads that are much higher than off-chain market making.

of trade volume from PMMs
Volume facilitated by PMMs
35 BPS
of profits per volume in 2019
Tailor-made for Professional Market Makers

KyberPRO is designed for market makers, by market makers.

Versatile Framework

Customise your setup to fit your unique market making and risk management needs.

Comprehensive Tool Suite

On-chain market making tools to enable faster and easier onboarding and operational upkeep.

Efficient Use Of Inventory

Save resources by using the same quote inventory for as many trading pairs as you want.

Reserve Rebates

KyberPRO reserves earn rebates based on the trading volume they generate.

Privacy Protection

Protect your proprietary pricing algorithms and strategies by preventing liquidity from being taken by unknown algorithms.

On-chain, Secure, and Transparent

All trades facilitated by KyberPRO reserves are fully on-chain, transparent, and verifiable.

KyberPRO Resources
All the necessary tools to begin your on-chain market making journey, streamline your operations, and maximise your performance.

“Working with the Kyber team has been an efficient and pleasant experience. They gave us professional and responsive support on every question we raised regarding their trading contract and market making on the Ethereum network. KyberPRO is the doorway through which we enter into this wonderful field of DeFi and explore exciting opportunities at the cutting edge.“

— Max Meng, Founder

“DV Chain has worked closely with Kyber Network to help bridge the gap between traditional trading and DeFi. We strongly believe that the solutions Kyber is building are of great importance to our industry and to the future of the digital economy.“

— Garrett See, CEO

“Interest in DeFi has been growing among traditional financial (tradFi) institutions - from exchanges to market makers. However, many remain on the sidelines, not knowing where or how to interact with DeFi. Kyber has built one of the most extensive integrations across DeFi protocols and applications, and designed KyberPRO as a go-to bridge between tradFi and DeFi. KyberPRO accelerates the convergence of these two worlds.“

- Santiago Roel Santos, Partner at ParaFi Capital

“Professional market makers have the potential to bring substantial liquidity and value to the fast-growing DeFi space. We developed KyberPRO to be their first gateway into DeFi and we're very excited to support them on their on-chain market making journey.“

- Loi Luu, CEO Kyber Network

“The DeFi Alliance brings together the world's best DeFi startups and the largest market makers together. With the launch of KyberPRO, we are steps away from broad institutional adoption of DeFi and Kyber Network is leading the charge.”

- Imran Khan, Co-Lead at The DeFi Alliance

“Kyber has been market making on-chain and working with other professional MMs since the early days of DeFi. KyberPRO was designed based on our deep technical and operational understanding of this area to help MMs get onboarded to the world of DeFi with minimal smart contract knowledge.“

- Spyros Vrettos, Head of Trading, Kyber Network